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I’m a single adoptive parent and was matched through An Angel’s Choice. Michelle was just the best to work with…she was very communicative, always fostered an open dialogue with myself and the birth mom, and was on top of every detail right through finalization. She truly cares about everyone she works with: the birth moms, the adoptive families and the babies! I highly recommend Michelle and An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency!!

Kimberly Barnish

Considering Adoption

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, Angel’s Choice can customize a plan to fit your needs. In Arkansas, we offer private adoption, semi-open adoption, closed adoption and open adoption. We are licensed in Arkansas and can also assist biological mothers in Georgia under supervision by a local Attorney.

About Michelle

Michelle has worked with many expectant parents who have chosen adoption for their babies and children and understands the process from many different angles. She believes expectant mothers have the right to be informed of their adoption choices. Education is the key and adoption should never be forced upon a mother.

Want to Adopt

An Angel’s Choice Adoption does not have waiting families. However; Should you wish to adopt, please click on the link to contact: or call 1-(877) 890-5226.

They provide resources and referral opportunities to prospective adoptive parents.  Should you sign up with this service, you will be presented with adoption opportunities as they arise.  Use their site map to find topic of interest.