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September update for the Haven



Temporary Housing for expectant mothers who choose adoption!

Angel’s Choice Haven

An Angel’s Choice will provide Temporary Housing for birth mothers committed to making a plan of adoption.  This is 501 3(c) organization.  Charitable donations are needed and appreciated.  Read more about it on this website or Contact Michelle @ 501-615-3094

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a year ago
Here’s my story

I find out i was pregnant with my fourth child, all i could do was think. I wasn.t ready to bring another child into this world with my financial difficulties at the moment. So i did some searching and i came across this agency. I emailed them and she emailed me right back, saying i could call to get more information. Michelle explained the difference in adoptions. She made me as comfortable as possible. Michelle was there every step of the way from doctor’s appointments to giving birth. Over the five month period, I developed a relationship with her. Like a Mother. I picked open adoption, and the mom i picked is awesome. she was every step of the way.. She send pictures, updates and video call. Kaleb is now three months and i still get to see him, spend time with him, and watch him grow up. Three months later Michelle is still a good friend of mines.

Ladies if you having second thoughts on whether or not you ready for a baby or it’s too difficult i highly recommend Angel Choice Adoption. They friendly, whether its morning, night or noon Michelle will be there. Any question or concern you have she will get the answer and help any way possible.

Expecting and considering adoption, YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE!

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, Angel’s Choice is here to listen and discuss options.  We can customize an adoption plan to fit your needs.  NO judging and confidential.

In Arkansas, we offer private adoption which includes; semi-open adoption, closed adoption and open adoption. We are licensed in Arkansas.  We also assist biological mothers in Georgia under supervision by a local Attorney.

Ask about our temporary housing.  A Safe Haven for expectant mothers committed to adoption.

About Michelle

Michelle has worked with many expectant parents who have chosen adoption for their babies and children and understands the process from many different angles. She believes expectant mothers have the right to be informed of their adoption choices.  Education is the key and adoption should never be forced upon a mother.  She will be with you every step of the way.

Michelle’s has a vision in 2013 to provide temporary housing to birth moms committed to her adoption plan.  Her vision came true!

Angel’s Choice Haven opened May 5, 2018.  More info on this website.