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Temporary Housing for expectant mothers who choose adoption!

Angel’s Choice Haven

An Angel’s Choice will provide Temporary Housing for birth mothers committed to making a plan of adoption.  This is 501 3(c) organization.  Charitable donations are needed and appreciated.  Read more about it on this website or Contact Michelle @ 501-615-3094

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a year ago
I started my adoption journey nearly three years ago without a clue how complicated this process was. There are so many choices, agencies, consultants, laws, even before you start even thinking about a specific child. My experience with Michelle Oglesby, an Angel’s Choice Adoption, and her trusted partners was a priceless experience on my way to being united with my son. Michelle has created a compassionate ministry built on personal experience with adoption, respect for everyone involved in the process, and a deep sense of care and understanding for birth mothers seeking adoption for their child. From my very first conversation with Michelle, it was clear that she took her role in leading families through adoption seriously and with the utmost integrity. But even above all else, she incorporates her faith into properly caring for the comprehensive needs of the birth mom. That is rare. As a single mom by choice, I was fearful that I would be turned away. But Michelle and her team embraced me with acceptance and understanding.

She offered sage advice and wisdom on the experiences of birth families as we navigated through each stage of the adoption process from our first initial conversation with the birth family, to relationship building after the match, assisted in developing an adoption and birth plan, and she helped me to navigate building a meaningful relationship with my son’s family.

Even after the adoption has been finalized, she offers support and guidance to families which is truly a blessing.

I am so thankful that my journey took me to Michelle. I am sitting here with my son who had been thought of and cared for by Michelle from Day 1. And for that, there is no tangible price tag, but only an immense sense of appreciation and gratitude.

Expecting and considering adoption, YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE!

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, Angel’s Choice is here to listen and discuss options.  We can customize an adoption plan to fit your needs.  NO judging and confidential.

In Arkansas, we offer private adoption which includes; semi-open adoption, closed adoption and open adoption. We are licensed in Arkansas.  We also assist biological mothers in Georgia under supervision by a local Attorney.

Ask about our temporary housing.  A Safe Haven for expectant mothers committed to adoption.

About Michelle

Michelle has worked with many expectant parents who have chosen adoption for their babies and children and understands the process from many different angles. She believes expectant mothers have the right to be informed of their adoption choices.  Education is the key and adoption should never be forced upon a mother.  She will be with you every step of the way.

Michelle’s has a vision in 2013 to provide temporary housing to birth moms committed to her adoption plan.  Her vision came true!

Angel’s Choice Haven opened May 5, 2018.  More info on this website.