Private Adoption

Our Mission statement:  An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency will provide education, counseling and support to expectant parents regarding the future of their child and completion of their adoption plan.

Choose an Adoption Agency

Choosing a agency to assist you in your adoption plan is one of the most important decisions, both for you and your child. It is important that you feel comfortable with the agency you choose.  The adoption process need to be stress free. You want to know your agency will do the following during the adoption process: They treat you like you are the only client. They are working in your best interest. They will not make you feel pressured. They truly care about your child’s future. They want to build an adoption plan around your needs. They screen the families personally and allow you to choose couples who are going to make wonderful parents for your child. They are available to help YOU. They are licensed and have qualified counselors and coordinators on staff to support you before, during and after the adoption. This is an private adoption agency.  You make the choice to make a plan of adoption. Angel’s Choice will provide an Adoption Coordinator who will see you through the entire adoption process, beginning to end. Your Coordinator will help you create an customized adoption plan and will be available to help you when you need.

Build a Good Support System

It is very important that you work with an Adoption Coordinator who can help you build a good support system. The Adoption process is healthier and happier when you are able to build an effective support system that stands behind what you feel is best for you and your baby. Building a good support system is not always easy; that’s one of the reasons it is so important to have an Adoption Coordinator who can help you decide: If you want any friends or family members involved in your adoption plan. Whether the birth father is going to be involved with you in the adoption plan. An Adoption Coordinator can also make sure you get counseling and support if you have trouble developing a support system. You will need to compete an application and be interviewed to find out how to best customize your adoption. You will asked to provide a proof of pregnancy.


You will have the opportunity to talk with a Licensed Certified Social Worker prior to completing any paperwork. She will evaluate and answer any questions you may have. Sometimes biological mothers request professional counseling during and after delivery.

Choose an Home Study ready Family

Choosing the right family for your baby is very personal. Your Adoption Coordinator will help you find what you’re looking for. The most important part of the adoption process is for you to find the right adoptive family for your baby. You should feel very comfortable with your adoption plans. When choosing an adoptive family, consider the following: Do you want to choose the prospective adoptive family? Would you rather have your coordinator select a family for you? What kind of family do you want for your child? Would you like to meet the prospective adoptive family? Would you like to get to know the adoptive family via phone ? Since there are so many wonderful families waiting, you may have a hard time deciding. After you decide adoption is the best choice, we will start sending you profiles of families that you can choose. You will be able to have a conference call with the family before matching. You will also receive additional paperwork, including a social and medical history form. This is a requirement in all states.

Receive Financial Help

Part of the adoption process is to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy know that the adoption service is free. In addition, many states allow financial assistance to help in case you fall behind on your household bills. Some expenses include, but are not limited to: Medical expenses – prenatal care, sonograms, lab work and delivery Legal expenses – adoption attorney fees, Counseling expenses – 24/7 support, grief and loss counseling Living expenses – rent, utilities, food, transportation, phone and maternity clothes We will set a budget for you based on your pregnancy related needs. The financial assistance is in no way a payment for your baby and it should not be the determining factor when making a plan of adoption.

Plan Your Hospital Stay

The hospital stay is one of the most important parts of the adoption process. Thinking about the hospital stay in advance will help you focus on the healthy birth of your baby and a stress free hospital stay. Here are some of the questions to consider while planning your hospital stay: Do you want the adoptive family in the Labor/Delivery Room? Who do you want with you in the hospital? Do you want to spend time alone with the baby? What do you want to happen at the hospital? What floor do you want to stay on? What do you want from the staff? What do you want from your Adoption Coordinator? We want your stay to be stress free. You will have a chance to make a hospital adoption plan prior to your stay at the hospital. Your Coordinator will there every step of the way.

Decide What Contact You’d Like with the Adoptive Family and Your Child

The adoption process is becoming more and more open. While making an adoption plan, you’ll be able to determine how much contact you’d like with the adoptive family during your pregnancy and after the adoption. Here are some questions to ask yourself about contact with the adoptive family and your child: Would you like updates regarding how your child is progressing? Would you like to have an ongoing relationship with the adoptive family? What kind of contact would you like to have? How often? Would you rather not have much contact with the family? Does the birth father want the same contact as you? Would you want to have yearly visits? Another part of the adoption process is determining the amount of contact you would like to have with the prospective adoptive family after delivery. An Angel’s Choice requires all adoptive families send pictures and letter updates to their child’s birth mother, or agency, if it is a closed adoption. Difference between Private and Foster Care Adoption:

  • Private-Your choice – Foster- NO choice.
  • Private-You choose the parents– Foster- DHS choose foster parents.
  • Private-You choose Open, semi-open, closed– Foster- Closed.
  • Private-You choose adoption plan Foster- DHS makes the plan.
  • Private-You can know where your baby is. Foster-Unknown.

You may feel overwhelmed through the adoption process, but the Adoption Coordinator- Michelle and Licensed Social Worker -Miranda will be with you all the way. If you are wanting more information, please call toll free-800-771-7038. I am are here to Listen! We have placed 55 babies in 51 loving homes,  January 2023 ytd