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An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency is a small, family owned, private adoption agency in Arkansas.  Angel’s Choice offers customized adoption plans for biological parents, from closed to very open adoptions.  Choosing the type of family you want for your newborn baby or child is of utmost importance to us.  Financial resources and legal assistance may be available to you during this special time of your life.  Guiding you through the whole process with loving, caring support and counseling is what we strive to provide.  We work primarily with expectant mothers and/or mothers that are unable to parent their baby or child. 

While we work closely with a referral agency to match prospective adoptive parents with babies/children, An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency works for You.

An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency assists women in making plans of adoption for expectant mothers and for mothers with children up to 6 years old.  We work for each mother to help her make the best choice for her family.

We Offer You Choices

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, Angel’s Choice can customize a plan to fit your needs.  In Arkansas, we offer private adoption, semi-open adoption, closed adoption and open adoption.  We are licensed in Arkansas and Tennessee, and can also assist biological mothers in Georgia under supervision by a local Attorney.

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An Angel’s Choice’s owner, Michelle, is passionate about adoption. Michelle brings a refreshing and compassionate perspective to the adoption process through her life experiences as an adoptee, as an adoptive parent and as a professional Adoption Coordinator. 

Michelle has worked with many expectant parents who have chosen adoption for their babies and children and understands the process from many different angles. She believes expectant mothers have the right to be informed of their adoption choices. Education is the key and adoption should never be forced upon a mother.  


This website also provides resources to prospective adoptive parents.  Hopeful adoptive parents interested in adopting may visit  Use the site map to find topic of interest.




An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency

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  1. Amber Riggin

    Hello. I so love this. My heart has a love and listens to what Jesus said about taking care of children. I have two blood children. If their is anyway I can help please email me and I live in Jacksonville so I would be so excited to help. Love and prayers

    1. angelsch Post author

      Thank you for your encouragement. Prayers always.

  2. Justin Wood

    We have a child of our own we are interested in adoption, but we have always been told it is very expensive. Exactly what is the cost of adoption? I know this sounds a little weird by putting a price on a child that’s not my intention. I just need to know what it will cost for the adoption process.

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