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Text or call 501-615-3094/toll free- 800-879-7233  Located 2299 East Lee Street, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120 Please read all the way down for helpful information.

When faced with an unexpected unplanned pregnancy, there are some important things we can offer that will help you keep a positive outlook for the choices you are making to insure your child has a happy and bright future. When thinking about making a plan of adoption in Arkansas for your baby, think about what goal you want to accomplish for you and your baby.

You Can Customize Your Adoption Plan.

Angel’s Choice can customize your plan to fit you and your baby’s needs.  In Arkansas, we offer private adoption, semi open adoption, closed adoption and open adoption.  We are licensed in Arkansas,  but can assist biological mothers in other states including Georgia and Tennessee.  This adoption process is supervised by the Attorney of that city and state.  We work with several clients out of state that request our services because of past experience or word of mouth.

Some biological mothers request annual pictures and updates. Others want to stay in contact with the adopting parents and the baby, and some prefer no contact after the birth. Whichever way you prefer, we can find adopting parents that will be the answer to your needs.

At the hospital, you may spend private time with the baby if you like. Then, the baby can be given directly to the adopting parents at the hospital.  You can be certain your baby receives lots of love and attention from the adopting parents from the start.

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Welcome to Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency

Angel’s Choice’s owner, Michelle Oglesby is passionate about adoption. Michelle brings a refreshing perspective to adoption through her life experience as an adoptee, an adoptive parent and professional experience as a Adoption Coordinator.  Michelle has worked with many expectant parents who  cannot parent and have chosen adoption for their babies and children.  She understands how you are feeling — because she knows the process from both sides.  Michelle believes education is the key in making the right choice for your baby. Michelle has handle adoptions in Georgia, Tennessee and other cities and states.   Michelle feels adoption is a loving choice when faced with unplanned pregnancy.  Michelle feels adoption is a mother’s choice and should never be forced. 

This website also provides resources to prospective adoptive parents below.  Use the site map to find topic of interest.

Contact : or call 800-879-7233
staticmapAngels’ Choice is private adoption agency in Arkansas. Angel’s Choice offers customized adoption plans for biological parents including choosing closed to very open adoptions.  We can help you with choosing the type of family you want for your newborn baby or child.  We offer financial, and legal assistance.  We also offer support and professional counseling.  All of these services are free to biological parents.  We also offer home study services to prospective adoptive parents in Arkansas.

If you choose to parent your baby, Angel’s Choice can help you find resources in Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee.

You can call 800-879-7233 or text 501-615-3094

To live chat with us, please KiK Username angelschoice

All calls are Private and Confidential or Email Michelle at

For hopeful adoptive parents who are interesting in adopting, please visit:


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