An Angel's Choice Adoption Agency

Our Awesome Adoption Journey and Blessing.

Ethan was born out of love and given out of love.

Adoptive mom says: oh how we love this little boy!

Biological mom: My friend told me about making an adoption plan for my baby. She went through the process. She had an open adoption and she gets to see her baby grow up by looking at pictures and reading updates. Her baby looks so happy and my friend is happy for her. I am young and I know I cannot parent another baby. I had a chance to meet some great parents that I feel will take good care of Ethan. He was born early and had some complications.  The parents were there every chance they could, loving and caring for this baby they just met. I am happy about my decision.

Adoptive Parents: We just turned in our paper work to A Bundle of Joy referral service. We received a call shortly afterwards saying we were selected by a birth mom. We were so excited, we talked to the birth mom on the phone and felt a connection. We were scheduled to meet the birth mom the following weekend  with An Angel’s Choice Adoption, but actually traveled to a delivery prior to that weekend. Ethan was born early, we fell in love. We are so blessed! Ethan was discharged after 13 days. We bonded and fell deeply in love with this beautiful little boy. We also fell in love with the birth mom and her family. We got a chance to hang out with each other on several occasions.  We became a family. We made it home and everyone at home fell in love with Ethan. We had a awesome adoption journey.

(permission given by biological mom and adoptive parents to share pictures and story)

Ethan 1

My mom named me Ethan, I was born 9*18*13

Ethan 5

Discharged from the hospital, leaving in style 10*1*13

Ethan 2

I can’t believe this is real.

Ethan 3

Is this really happening?