An Angel's Choice Adoption Agency

Financial Assistance during the Adoption and after.

Financial Assistance is Offered in Several States

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Financial assistance is available in several states for biological mothers. While the types of financial assistance differ from state to state, getting assistance for housing, food and maternity clothes is common in all states.  Financial assistance should not be the determining factor when choosing adoption. This does not mean all bills will be paid, only basic bills.

In Arkansas, a licensed agency can assist with medical bills, legal bills and pregnancy-related living expenses such as food, housing, utilities, phone, transportation cost, clothing and general maintenance.

In Georgia, a licensed agency can assist with reasonable living expenses, medical and legal expenses with an affidavit.

In Tennessee, a licensed agency can assist with housing, maternity clothing, utilities, transportation to the doctor, for 90 days pre-birth and 30 days after birth or consent/relinquishment.

Please note: An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency offers financial resources to help during pregnancy. Assistance is available during the last trimester of pregnancy.  This assistance is provided in the case of hardship and the inability to pay for basic living needs. There may be exceptions and will be evaluated case by case.