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Choosing Your Baby’s Family for Adoption

Choosing Your Baby's FamilyChoose A Loving and Safe Family for Your Child

At An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency, we believe biological parents should choose the family that will raise their child. You will be presented with profiles of families that have been thoroughly screened and are home study ready.  We always have prospective adoptive parents that are ready for a baby. But your child will only have the family that you desire based on the criteria you want. All information is private and confidential. Only non-identifying information about you will be given to the  prospective parents. None of your personal information will be revealed until after you are matched.

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The Screening Process

All prospective parents must have a current Home Study which includes:

When choosing your baby’s family, you will want to know they have been trained. When adoptive parents go through the home study process they are given special training on how to answer a child’s delicate question about their biological parents. Some of these parents waited so long to love a child that they want to do everything possible to give that child the very best start in life, including good self-esteem. Good self-esteem starts with a child having positive feelings toward their biological parents. Adoptive parents learn how to make that happen through the training they receive.

Your Choice

When choosing your baby’s parents, you have the ability to choose what type of parent/s you want.

The list goes on.

When choosing your baby’s parents, you give us the criteria and the important qualifications that you desire. An Angel’s Choice will find couples that meet your desires. Once these couples make a commitment to adopt they are emotionally involved and live as though they are carrying a child. They share in the journey with the birth parent. There are times when biological mothers want the agency to select the parents for their baby/child.  We will discuss what you want in the selection process and make the best selection for your baby.

When choosing your baby’s parents, you are making a loving plan.