The Adoption Process

Our Mission Statement:

An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency will provide education, counseling and support to expectant parents regarding the future of their child and completion of their adoption plan.

This information is provided for those researching and/or considering a plan of adoption.

Are you prepared to be a mom?
Are you prepared to be a mom?

An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency works with pregnant women who choose to make a plan of adoption for their unborn child. We also work with mothers who choose to make a plan of adoption for their child from infant up to 6 years of age. Whatever may be the case, we work for YOU, and with YOU, to make the best choice for your child/children.

*Are you prepared for a 24 hour-a-day, 7-day-a week responsibility?
*Are you prepared to put your social life on hold while you meet your child’s needs?
*Are you prepared to provide your child with a home, food and clothing and all of the other things child needs?
*Are you prepared to have an available babysitter if your child get sick and you have to go to work or school?
*Are you prepared to provide for your child’s emotional, social and intellectual needs?
*Are you prepared to put your goals for your life on hold while you meet the demands of parenthood?
*Are you prepared to provide a suitable environment for your child, including healthy personal relationships and good role models?
*Are you financially prepared to raise your child without the assistance of the government?
Are you prepared for the time when your support stops?
*Are you prepared to add a baby to your relationship with your mate ? If so, is your relationship ready for the stress and demands of parenthood?

Take this little quiz to help you. Sometimes writing down the answers to tough questions will allow you to make good, rational decisions.  Ask yourself, “If parents were given a license to raise a child, would you be granted one?”  Many would not have one.   Next, take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of the page.  On the right side, write down all that is needed to raise a child and the cost (just for the first year). For example: diapers $15, formula $16-$18 a can. (Keep in mind, newborns drink on average a can of formula every 36 hours and use 10 diapers a day). Don’t forget wipes, strollers, cribs, day care, life insurance, health insurance, etc.  On the other side of the paper, write down what you have. Do not include government assistance, like WIC, or medicaid.  I hope this will put things in perspective for you.  You should never feel pressured to place your baby for adoption.

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