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Angel’s Choice Haven

An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency has temporary housing ministry for expectant mothers making a plan of adoption. It is safe haven for expectant mothers to be stay while going through the Adoption process.   This is a 501 3 (c) non profit ministry.  The Haven rely on charitable donations and fundraising.   Criteria:  Birth Moms must 24-30 […]

Adoption Law says: Birth moms do have a choice!

letter from governor 2017 (click link to read letter from Governor Asa Hutchinson. 2010 Arkansas Code Title 9 – Family Law Subtitle 2 – Domestic Relations Chapter 9 – Adoption Subchapter 7 – The Streamline Adoption Act § 9-9-702 – Fast-tracked adoption of Garrett’s Law babies. 9-9-702. Fast-tracked adoption of Garrett’s Law babies. (a) As […]

40 year prayer adoption search answered

You read my story and know I was adopted. Every year since age 17 around my birthday, I would start the search for my biological family. I have talked with Jesus about finding them. I have accepted that the prayers may not be answered and I might not know who they were.  We understand that God […]

Michelle Oglesby Interview about adoption.

Just Wondering about my adoption

October is my birth month. October 3rd.  It always get me to think about my birth mom, Gwynne.  I usually start searching and other search engines. I wonder is she alive or dead.  I wonder what my siblings are up to? I wonder what they look like?  I wonder if they know about us? I also wonder what […]

Mission Statement

An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency will provide education, counseling and support to expectant parents regarding the future of their child, so they can make the best choice. 

It’s My Decision

My Choice Many women are faced with making decisions every day.  Adoption is one of the hardest decisions a woman will make for her baby.  The decision is not easy, however; it is the most loving decision she will make.  Adoption offers so many blessings to a child: A precious gift to a childless couple Another […]

The Other “A” Word not Adoption has negative results.

A Lasting Affect On April 28th, 1983, a baby girl was found, legally aborted , and tossed into a drainage ditch in Little Rock.  She was 7 months in gestation and weighed 5 lbs.  She was a little person already with brown eyes, red hair and beautiful ivory skin. This story will always be remembered in the […]

I Changed My Mind about Adoption

What if I change my mind? You have every right to change your mind and decide to parent, that’s your choice. However, you need to ask your self, why am I changing my mind? Pressure from family members. The birth father is back in the picture. Guilt. The baby is so cute. I just can’t give […]

Making a Plan

I am not giving my baby up, I am making a plan. Why Am I Making This Decision? Financial reasons? Unexpected Pregnancy? Starting School? To young? Not Ready? Starting a new career? Too Personal to say! Whatever the reason may be, if you think it’s best for your baby then it is a good decision. This decision […]