An Angel's Choice Adoption Agency

Angel’s Choice Haven

An Angel’s Choice Adoption Agency has temporary housing ministry for expectant mothers making a plan of adoption. It is safe haven for expectant mothers to be stay while going through the Adoption process.   This is a 501 3 (c) non profit ministry.  The Haven rely on charitable donations and fundraising.  

Criteria:  Birth Moms must 24-30 weeks.

*Must be committed to adoption plan.

*No  alcohol, drugs, smoking, criminal background or males will be allowed on property.

*The Haven will provide: on site counseling and resources to further their education, seek employment and permanent housing.

**This is not a shelter.

For more information, call or text Michelle 501-615-3094.  If you want to donate by paypal:  Every $1 helps.

Providing a solution.

Comforts of home!