40 year prayer adoption search answered

You read my story and know I was adopted. Every year since age 17 around my birthday, I would start the search for my biological family. I have talked with Jesus about finding them. I have accepted that the prayers may not be answered and I might not know who they were.  We understand that God answers prayers when He wants to answer them. Well 2016 my prayers were answered in the oddest way. We love cruising.  If you don’t specify the cruise line with sit you with other people

We sat with 6 other people including a couple from Utah.  This lady talked a lot especially about genealogy and finding people.  After a couple of nights talking about it, I told her my story.  She said I have a friend that can help you find your family. This got my attention and said ok. Not really putting a lot into it, because I tried by hiring a detective, moving to the city I thought she was born etc.  Once I got home, Sue sent me her friend’s name, Shannon.  I contacted her and gave her all the info I had.  I even sent my original birth certificate. The next day she sent info that she found my family.  I could not believe it because the info did not match. Well it did not match because the info my original birth certificate was incorrect.  I took a DNA test earlier in the year and I sent her that to. She match it with a 2nd cousin.  She ask if she could write her.  I told her yes and she did. On 9/15/16 my life changed. I got a call from my biological sister. I freaked out, thank Jesus and freaked out again. I confirmed that she was my sister by a couple questions I asked her. She said Mom told her about us and that she just could not take care of us so she Made a Plan of Adoption.

We flew to Chicago the following weekend to meet. It was great to see pictures of my mother and siblings. My mother is deceased and 2 of my siblings. I was happy to find out some of my medical issues were from my mother.  I feel so good now telling the doctor about some medical history.  I contacted my brother by letter and  received a letter from him a month ago. I am still receiving calls, text and Facebook messages from new family. I am so full of Joy. I thank Shannon for finding my family.   40 years of praying, finally answered.

sisters and mom    mom and sisters momMom

Christmas 2016 and 2017 was great, hearing from my new family.  More family reached out to me through ancestry.  Family that did not know that we just found the family.  They were just curious and took the DNA test to find family.  This is so cool.  I am glad that I was adopted and raised Old fashioned.  My life would have been so different and I probably would not have ended where I am now.

I love my mother even more for her adoption decision.

Upday: January 2018, my niece made our birthday.  She came to visit my brother and I in October.   We had the best time getting to know more about our family.  We have been talking every day since then.  Its like we have known one another all of our lives.  I learn new things everyday.  My son was happy to know that he has family on my side to.  His father has a very large family. For the majority of his life, the only blood line was his me, his uncle and 2 cousins.

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