It’s My Decision

Hey friends and family this my Choice! Support me!

Many women are faced with making decisions every day.  Adoption is one of the hardest decisions a woman will make for her baby.  The decision is not easy, however; it is the most loving decision she will make.  Adoption offers so many blessings to a child:

A precious gift to a childless couple
Another option other than abortion
Financial stability for the baby
Extended family

My Observation

I have observed so many birth moms that are intelligent enough to make their own decsions, make a plan of adoption only to have family members, boyfriend and or friends to pressure them to parent.

I have seen family members, kick the birth mom out of the house, threaten them, fight them , and with hold support to make them do something they really don’t want to do.

So why do other people pressure birth moms to parent a baby, knowing that she has already made her decision?

I have seen these same birth moms change their minds only to either suffer with parenting, because the support of the people that convinced her to parent has stopped.  I seen these same birth moms change their minds back, go into deep depression and/or harm their baby.

When a birth parent makes that final decision to place her baby for adoption it is usually because of :
Lack of support from others
To young
Financially unstabled
Mentally unstabled
Unplanned Pregnancy
Have enough children

I think if a birth parent want the best for her baby and adoption is her choice, then support her decision.

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