Making an adoption Plan.

I am not giving my baby up, I am making a plan.

Why Am I Making This Decision?

  • Financial reasons?
  • Unexpected Pregnancy?
  • Starting School?
  • To young?
  • Not Ready?
  • Starting a new career?
  • Too Personal to say!

Whatever the reason may be, if you think it’s best for your baby then it is a good decision. This decision to place your baby for adoption will likely never feel great to you.

It is a very difficult choice; it is a sacrifice, and can be blessing to others.

Part of being a parent is putting your child’s needs above your own.

There are things that our staff can do to make the process easier for you, however we can never totally take away all the pain that you will likely feel.

We will be with you every step of the way.

While you are thinking about the biggest decision of your life, take some time and think about your typical day with a new baby and without.

Think about the pros and cons of parenting and the pros and cons of adoption.
Instead of saying, “I am putting my baby up for adoption,” say, “I am making a plan of adoption for my baby”. This is the biggest plan you will make and you are making it out of Love!

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